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Hi there! I'm Sam, and I'm a mixed breed of homebody and adventurer. 

When I'm not helping my husband Josh renovate our 150-year-old farmhouse, or designing our next room renovation, which you can read about over at We Bought A Farmhouse, I'm researching where I want to travel to next to cure my severe case of wanderlust. And that path almost always leads me to the ocean.

Photos by First Mate Photography, taken at our favorite beach on the Cape.

We're based just outside the Capital Region in Upstate NY, and absolutely love where we live because we have easy access to pretty much all of the Northeast. The Eastern Seaboard and New England are home to our most visited and loved destinations, with Cape Cod and the islands having our hearts. Because we've traveled quite a bit in this beautiful little section of the world, I wanted to share all the information I have to help anyone out there plan their perfect trip. We've also started to broaden our horizons and cross major destinations off our bucket lists, and I include those journeys on here as well. The biggest lesson I've learned is that you don't have to go very far to be inspired, so I hope you stick around, and begin to plan your next adventure.

Off the beaten path
Cape Cod-shingled cottages
A well-researched itinerary
Ridiculously long walks on the ocean shore
Lobster rolls
Rainy afternoon naps
Wearing stripes

Motivational books
Waiting in line
People who don't like dogs
Every single reality show that's been in existence (except for Chopped)

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