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Maine Lighthouse Road Trip: Boothbay Harbor & A Puffin Tour

I recently got back from a coastal Maine lighthouse road trip, and today, I’m sharing my time spent in Boothbay Harbor. If you’d like to catch up on other posts from this trip, you can pop on over to these links:

I’ve wanted to visit Boothbay Harbor for years. A lot people who I've spoken to over the years have said they thought I would love it, so I decided to dedicate two days to this stop. I didn't plan much, except for a boat tour, which I'll get more into down below. So I really spent most of my time meandering through the town, snapping some photos, and just being completely relaxed and in the moment. 

I ended up absolutely loving it here. It’s a small little fishing village that has an authentic feel, while also easily catering to tourists with cute shops, restaurants, and plenty of rustic seaside scenery to be had. It was a place that forced me to slow down, go for walks, crack open a book, and I enjoyed every minute of it.

Maine Lighthouse Road Trip: South Portland & Arrowsic Lighthouses

I recently posted an overview/itinerary of my entire road trip route through the coast of Maine, where I hunted down lighthouses and that glorious coastal scenery this state is known for. If you'd like a quick overview of my entire journey, you can find that by clicking on this following link:

Today's post is all about my first 24 hours, and I packed in a good amount of lighthouses. My adventure started in Cape Elizabeth/South Portland, where I saw two of the three lighthouses that call this area home, as well as a lovely little beach I stumbled upon. I got into Portland in the late afternoon, so didn't have as much time to explore everything as much as I would have liked before the sun went down, and even had to skip one of the lighthouses, but I still had such a beautiful evening taking in all these sites.