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Solo Traveling the Massachusetts North Shore: Newburyport and Plum Island

This past November, I took a little solo adventure through the Massachusetts North Shore region. If you'd like to catch up on all the beautiful little towns I was able to explore, you can click on these links:

On my way home after a wonderful few days exploring the North Shore, I decided to squeeze in one more little side excursion: Newburyport and Plum Island. I didn't really have a lot of time because I still had my drive home ahead of me, but I was up yet again before the sun, and drove off to Newburyport to walk around and get a quick little feel for the town, and then off to explore Plum Island, which I've heard was so beautiful.

Solo Traveling the Massachusetts North Shore: Salem Day Trip Itinerary

This past November, I took a little solo getaway through the Massachusetts North Shore region, and if you'd like to explore some other beautiful little towns with me, you can catch the links here:

Welcome back, friends. Let's talk about Salem, MA, a town that's known as the Halloween hot spot of New England. This was my second time visiting Salem, and as I mentioned in a prior post, I was last there about six years ago the weekend before Halloween so we could really experience the whole spooky season vibe. It's such a fun place to visit during the month of October, but be forewarned - it's busy. And I mean, BUSY. The streets were packed with people, parking was a nightmare, and it was hard to get tables at restaurants. Especially on weekends. But, there certainly is just something about Salem in October that's unique and quite an experience all on its own.

Despite having had the quintessential experience in the thick of Halloween celebrations, I've always wanted to go back, pretty much any other time of the year, to see Salem in a different light. And I'm laughing as I type this because this trip, I went back the weekend after Halloween - and it was vastly different. Far fewer crowds and plenty of room to walk around. I was there on a Saturday morning/afternoon, and the foot traffic definitely picked up by noontime, but I felt like I had more space to wander and really take it all in. 

Solo Traveling the Massachusetts North Shore: Gloucester & Manchester-By-The-Sea

This past November, I took a little solo adventure through the Massachusetts North Shore region. If you'd like to catch up on all the places I visited while on this trip, you can find the links here:

During this trip, I was on a mission to see as much as I could in a very tightly-packed three and a half days. And while I did cover a lot of ground, I will be honest, I didn't see as much of Gloucester and Manchester-By-The-Sea as I would have wanted. I was only in each of these towns for about three hours, so, as you can imagine, I didn't see it all. But, I will say, what I did get to experience, I loved. Manchester-By-The-Sea, especially, really surprised me with its beauty. So for today's post, I don't have a lot of information to share, but I do have some snapshots from some really lovely seaside moments from these two great little towns.

Solo Traveling the Massachusetts North Shore: Rockport

Hey guys, it's been a minute since I posted about my time in Marblehead while solo traveling the North Shore last November. Before I knew it, after getting back, the holidays were already in full swing and I took some time to just be in the moment, and also, reflect on this whole, crazy year. But I'm back, feeling refreshed and so excited to talk about the rest of my trip, starting with Rockport.

If you'd like to see all the other towns I visited along the way during this trip, you can catch those recaps here:

Exploring Motif 1. Photo by Nina Weinstein Photography.