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Iceland Recap: Solheimajokull Glacier, Waterfalls, Efstidalur Farm Stay

As we began to make our way back to the Western part of Iceland to our final destination, we spend one of our last days exploring Solheimajokull glacier, all the famous waterfalls along the Southern coast and ended our day by staying the night on a farm.

We started our morning back in Vik, and going back to Dyrholaey Viewpoint. The last time we visited this destination, it was raining, so windy we could barely stand, and the views were pretty cloudy. We woke up on a bright, sunshiny morning and decided it was worth going back to take in the views. We were definitely so glad we went back, and take a peek for yourselves why.


Our next stop that day was Solheimajokull Glacier. You can opt to do guided tours, where you're equipped with everything you need to walk on and inside the glacier, but we decided we didn't really have time and explored on our own. Even if you don't do a tour, you can definitely walk down to the viewing area to see it in person. It's just highly recommended that you don't walk on or inside of it without an experienced guide because you could really get hurt.

The walk from the parking area is probably about 10 minutes, and it's very easy. There are plenty of areas to take photos and admire the vastness of the glacier. Had we had more time, I would have loved to do a tour so we could actually walk up and around and get the full experience, but if you don't have the time, definitely stop and see it.

After the glacier, we were off to see four waterfalls along the Southern coast. Our first one was Kvernufoss, and it's a bit off the beaten path. You can park at the Skogafoss Museum, and walk along the path past the parking area. You'll have to climb over a little ladder to jump the fence, and then follow the path to the waterfall. This was one you could walk behind, and we had such a great time exploring the area. We timed our visit here just right and as we were climbing toward the waterfall to walk behind it, a rainbow appeared right by it. It just made me so happy. This is also a great area to fill up your reusable water bottle with fresh water from the stream.

The next waterfall was Skogafoss, which is on the main road, and considered one of the most popular in Iceland. We also had amazing luck here and saw another rainbow. There's also a viewing area you can climb over 300 steps to the very top of the waterfall, which we did (and it nearly killed me, but it was worth it). Skogafoss also has a sheep farm next door, so you'll likely get to see some sheep up close when you arrive.

Despite the crowds, it was very easy to get photos without people in the background. 

View from halfway up the stairs to the top of the waterfall. 

Up next was Gljufrabui waterfall, and we really enjoyed this one because you can walk through the caves to get right to the base of it. You'll need really good waterproof boots for this one because you'll have to wade through the river to experience it up close. You'll also get pretty soaked, but it was such an exhilarating time.

Lastly, we stopped at Seljalandfoss waterfall. There's a walking path that connects this one to Gljufrabui, and it's a pretty easy walk. There is a parking charge at Seljalandfoss, and it's a pay at a box situation, which accepts credit cards. It's only a few bucks, so it's very cheap to park. You can also walk behind this waterfall through a pretty well carved out path (so it's not dangerous at all), and it was a great way to end our waterfall adventures. There's also a really nice food truck near the parking area that showcased some pretty great pastries and desserts, so we may have just said, "screw it, we're on vacation!" and got donuts and pastries for lunch that day. And they were all surprisingly really good.

After our waterfall adventures, we were off to Efstidalur, which is a hotel/restaurant/farm experience. We chose to stay the night here and booked a private room with a shared bathroom to save money, but when we checked in they gave us a free upgrade to a room with a private bathroom, so that kind of made our day. The restaurant at Efstidalur was wonderful. The dining area looks down onto the cows while they feed, and they also have a vegetarian menu for lunch and dinner with a few options on it. The main reason I was excited to stay here, though, was their homemade ice cream. We both had some for dessert that night and it was so rich and creamy - we loved it. We ate our ice cream cones while walking around the farm's grounds and visiting the Icelandic horses while the sun went down, and it was a really nice, calm night. They also offer a free breakfast buffet with your room.

Inside the Efstidalur dining area. 

Their veggie burger was so good. 

The views of the farmland at Efstidalur during sunset were incredible, and so hard to capture in a photo. 

For our last day in Iceland, we went all out on a pretty big splurge. More to come.

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