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Eleuthera, Bahamas Travel Guide

Even though we were staying on Spanish Wells, a smaller island off the coast of Eleuthera, we didn't want to miss out on the fun things to do on the main island. So we decided to take a water taxi over and rent a car for the day to explore the sites.

Eleuthera isn't exactly a small island - it's over 100 miles long, so there are quite a few beaches to choose from, sites to take in, restaurants to visit and so many things to explore. Packing it all into one day is impossible. We made a list of our "must-see" things, picked a local beach to visit, had a lovely lunch and spent a really nice day on this beautiful island.

Keep in mind, though, that while the island is longer, it's still pretty rural and not very touristy. We drove for about 10 miles at one point, and never saw a single thing. I think that's one of the best parts about the island, so if you're looking for an authentic experience, this is a great place to stay.

To read about the rest of our time in the Bahamas, you can pop on over here to read about our time on Spanish Wells, where we stayed, and also here to read about our day trip to Harbour Island.


We stayed in the Bahamas for five nights, and spent one day exploring the main island of Eleuthera.

Since we only visited for a day, we didn't have a need for a place to stay. But, if we were planning an overnight visit, here are some places we would have considered (the AirBnB's I selected offer more budget-friendly accommodations, whereas hotel suggestions are a bit more upscale because, well, the Bahamas is an expensive destination):

AirBnB Options
Sea Spray Cottage - Ideal for a couple
Loft By The Sea - Ideal for a couple
Cozy Cottage for Four - Ideal for a small family
Sea Cliff Cottage - Ideal for a small family

Hotel Options
Sky Beach Club
The Rainbow Inn
La Bougainvillea
Hut Pointe Inn

So guys, this is the fun part. There's actually quite a bit to do on Eleuthera's main island. There are endless beaches (it was hard to pick just one to visit during our short day trip), quite a few restaurants and some really unique attractions.

Sapphire Hole (sometimes referred to at the Blue Hole)
This is in North Eleuthera, so coming from Spanish Wells, it was a short 5-10 minute drive from our water taxi. I'll explain in a moment why, but I didn't jump in. Josh, however, said it was the highlight of his entire trip. It's a cenote with crystal clear (although, very deep blue) water, and there are no living organisms in the water itself. It's about a 20-foot jump down into it, and the only way out is a rope. I was so gung-ho about this before our trip, you don't even know. But, by the time we go here, I had some severe blisters on the bottoms of my feet from walking around Harbour Island (as in, I had a hard time walking they were so bad, which put a damper on the day). Josh jumped in first to see if I would be able to get out without putting too much pressure on my feet, and he reported back, "definitely not." So, I didn't do it for fear of getting stuck in the hole. Josh jumped in quite a few times, and I had fun just being there and watching him.

A note of caution: our AirBnB host recommended to keep your car doors locked while here and not leaving any valuables laying around if everyone in your party jumps in, as she had some things stolen from her while swimming during a visit. It's definitely not a dangerous site, but it would be good to just use normal precaution.

We were there alone for most of our time at around 6p, and toward the end, another family joined us. To get there, follow the road toward Preacher's Cave, and about a mile or so down the road, keep an eye out for a sign on your right that says "Blue Hole." It's a small sign, and you may miss it, but drive slow and you'll see it. Turn down the dirt road, and stop at the fence, and it will be on your right.

Preacher's Cave
We skipped this just to save time, but had we stayed on main Eleuthera island, we would have popped over because it's very close to Sapphire Hole. I will warn you, some people seemed to be super bored here, but some people also seem to love it. Those who weren't impressed said it's really just a cave, and not that exciting. Those who enjoyed it I think mostly enjoyed the history behind it. It was a site of refuge for people fleeing Bermuda that were shipwrecked nearby. Those same people actually carved out the shape of a portion of the cave to create a canopy of sorts for protection, and also used the space for religious ceremonies (hence, it' name).

Glass Window Bridge
I was so confused when reading about this, thinking it was a bridge with glass windows around it. Nope! It's actually just a very, very skinny one-lane portion of the main highway that goes over a pretty amazing site: where the Caribbean sea and Atlantic ocean meet. And I think it's a must-see while driving around Eleuthera.

I wanted so badly to get a cool shot with our drone while here, but my signals kept getting lost, and it was making me super nervous, especially since standing in the middle of the road wasn't exactly the safest thing to do. Luckily, there wasn't much traffic passing through, so if I had a strong enough signal, I could have gotten some cool shots. Oh well! The only photo I got was an iPhone pano showing the two bodies of waters.

But, even just looking around on the bridge, you'll see the bright turquoise waters of the Caribbean in one direction, and the vastly different deep indigo blue waters of the Atlantic in the other. It was really cool, and we both loved seeing it.

There is a small stretch of road to pull over onto when you're there, so you're not blocking the traffic to stop and get out of your car and walk around.

Queen's Baths
Very, very close (less than a mile) from the Glass Window Bridge are the Queen's Baths. Years and years of strong waves have carved out little hot spring pockets in the rocks creating areas to sit and enjoy the warm waters. I suppose hot springs are a bit inaccurate being that the baths are warmed by the sun, and they're not exactly hot tub temperature. But, they are much warmer than the Atlantic, that's for sure (and this site is overlooking the Atlantic side). Josh went down to the baths to investigate, and I honestly was transfixed by the views, which made me feel more at home seeing rugged coastlines and the deeper blue waters. Even if you just pull over the highway to stop and check out the views, it's worth a 15-20 minute pit stop. To stay longer, bring a swimsuit and a towel with you, and also, some very sturdy shoes. The rocks you have to walk around to get to the baths are very, very sharp. I wore flip flops (the sturdy leather ones, not the cheaper Old Navy ones), and I could feel the sharpness of the rocks under my feet. Sneakers would be best, or maybe some water shoes. We stopped here toward the end of our day, so we didn't have time to get in the baths, but I can only imagine how fun it would have been, overlooking the coastline and ocean.

Beaches, Beaches and More Beaches
Choosing a beach to spend a couple of hours at was not easy! Our original plan was actually to drive two and a half hours one way down to the southern tip of the island to Lighthouse Beach. We quickly realized that would have pretty much been our entire day, and as much as I wanted to see that beach (which locals considered to be the best beach in the Bahamas - Google it and you'll see why!), we knew we just couldn't do it in a day. We landed at Twin Cove beach which was about an hour from where we started, and it was so nice there. There was one other small family when we arrived, but they were actually headed pretty far down, so we pretty much had the whole place to ourselves.

The drone picked up the color of the sand really well.

I honestly can't image finding a bad beach on Eleuthera, though. When we were Googling which one to visit, everyone seemed to only have good things to say about all of them.

We only ate at one place, which was unplanned and on the fly, but we loved it. I'll include some other places I jotted down before getting here that seemed wonderful, and hopefully we'll get to go back one day to try them.

Buccaneer Club
Located in Governor's Harbor, we stopped here after spending some time at Twin Cove beach because it was fairly close by, and we were pretty hungry. We picked it on a total whim, and ended up loving our experience. They have a small indoor eating area with a nice sized outdoor patio (which is where we sat), and the food was really good. I got my Goombay Smash to drink, as well as my first conch meal in the form of a fried conch sandwich. The ambience outside on the patio was so nice, and it wasn't at all crowded. The service was friendly and we just had a really nice time.

If we hadn't found Buccaneer Club, here are some other places I had jotted down to check out:

The Front Porch
Frigate's Bar & Grill
LeoRose Sunset Beach Bar

For a fancier option:
1648 Bar & Grille

- All the sites and attractions were free to see and enter. There is no charge to use the Queen's Baths, swim in Sapphire Hole or pop into Preacher's Cave. And of course, Glass Window Bridge is a literal bridge that you need to drive over anyway, so that's free as well.

- Renting a car in Eleuthera was a bit of an adventure. I think it would have been a way better experience had we reserved it in advance, but we didn't want to because oddly enough, the weather was calling for rain our entire trip. So, we decided to figure it out the morning of, which was really hard for me because I'm such a planner. We called Pinder's that morning and they found us one available car to rent once we crossed over from Spanish Wells, and they met us at the dock. In the Bahamas, there are no major car rental companies - everything is done through individual people. So, when we rented the car, we had absolutely no idea who this person was, or if they were reliable. But, we just decided to go for it! We were arranged a minivan rental (yes, a Dodge minivan because that was all that was left) through Bain's Car Rental in North Eleuthera. Everything went smoothly, and it was $80 for the entire day, cash only (and we only had to put about $20 of gas in it). The only small complaint I had was that while we were picked up at the dock, we had to drop the car off at the family's house on our way back, and then have them drive us back to the dock to get back to Spanish Wells. It's was a minor inconvenience because we had to essentially wait for them to be ready to drop us off (Bahamas time!). But honestly, it wasn't a big deal because by then, we were pretty much on Bahamas time, too.

- They drive on the left side of the road! That was a fun experience, and also a lot easier than it seems.

- Most gas stations have an attendant that pumps for you and cash tips are appreciated.

And that's it, friends! That's everything we have to recap about our Bahamas adventure. I honestly really only had good things to say, and we loved our time here. Friendly locals, great food, amazingly beautiful beaches and a lot of seclusions - we couldn't have asked for more. I pretty much always want to visit a place a second time, and will sometimes lose interest in doing that a few months or so afterward, but I honestly see us coming back here any time we need a quiet beach getaway when the weather in the Northeast just doesn't want to cooperate. What is your favorite place to escape to in the winter and spring seasons?

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